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Chemical Distributor for Your Industries

Industrial Chemical | General Chemical | Water Treatment Chemical


We can also provide technical support for application products of specialty and pure chemicals, such as hydrogenation, oxidation, and nitrogen applications such as inerting, blanketing, purging, and sparging. Our offer also includes a gas mixture that can be tailored to your needs.


We supply an essential raw material used to make a range of familiar everyday products, such as glass, soap, powdered detergent, paper, textiles, and food. We offer major chemical products such as Ammonium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Caustic Soda, Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Hydrosulphide, etc.


We would also provide equipment for water and waste water treatment plant likes as aerator, pump, agitator, dosing pump, blower, control equipment (pH meter, DO meter, Level Control). We would also serve consultant in sewage treatment plant, water and waster water treatment plant including


To support decisive steps taken by the United Nations (UN) 2030 agenda for sustainable development in the paris climate agreement, the Company is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% until 2030


About Us

PT. Mulia Agung Chemindo was established in 2005, especial business of Industrial Chemicals / General / Electroplating / Rubber and Water Treatment Chemicals. We offer too an engineering project as make system of Waste water treatment plant, Water treatment plant and supply another equipment of industries. 

PT. Mulia Agung Chemindo would deliver high quality product / hence assist customers to maximize on their activities to reaping higher profits margins. We always emphasize the customer satisfaction with our service and product quality.


“PT Mulia Agung Chemindo aims to become a producer of industrial chemicals acceptable to various national and international industries, supply chemicals to new industries and markets, and build long-term relationships with its business partners.”


“The mission of this company is to be a prospective and reliable partner in the field of chemicals, production and service of industrial chemicals and chemical supplies both in Indonesian and overseas markets.”

Chemical Industri 

PT. Mulia Agung Chemindo is a dynamic company, working flexibly to the requirements and wishes of its customers to meet their individual needs and ensure their maximum satisfaction


Alkohol adalah kelompok senyawa yang mengandung satu atau lebih gugus fungsi hidroksil (-OH) pada suatu senyawa alkana. Senyawa ini dapat dikenali dengan rumus umumnya R-OH. Bahan Kimia ini merupakan salah satu zat yang[…]

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Natrium Hidroksida

Natrium hidroksida juga dikenal sebagai soda kaustik, soda api, atau sodium hidroksida, adalah sejenis basa logam kaustik. Natrium Hidroksida terbentuk dari oksida basa Natrium Oksida dilarutkan dalam air. Zat ini membentuk larutan alkalin yang kuat ketika dilarutkan ke dalam[…]

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